Registry Operator Website for the .Barefoot Top-Level Domain

This is the official Registry Website of the .Barefoot top-level domain name.

What is .Barefoot?

".Barefoot" or dotBarefoot is a new top-level domain. A top-level domain is the first level of a domain, such as '.com' in the domain name. In June 2015, we were authorized by ICANN, the global authority of internet domain names, to operate the .Barefoot top-level domain.

This top-level domain is exclusively developed for Barefoot Cellars. The registration and use of dotBarefoot domain names is exclusively reserved to Barefoot Cellars and its affiliates.

Why .Barefoot?

Barefoot is helping to pioneer how businesses use new top-level domains as an opportunity to innovate, ensure trust and simplify your online experience.

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